A Social Lamp

This project was a part of Critical design course in IT Product Design  study programme and was aimed at applying Critical design methods to question people about their values of indoor climate.  The project was supervised by Jared Donovan and Simon Bowen.

As the result of a project, a provocative design that enabled people to talk about their personal values of indoor climate was proposed by our team. We sensed the gap in university’s public canteen where more introverted people had difficulties in finding the right company to have lunch with. We felt that we had to come up with something that would bring like-minded personalities together.


We started the project by visiting several settings where indoor climate had a critical role – restaurant’s kitchen, art school studios and the university’s canteen. We carefully observed these settings in action and tried to catch inspiration about the aspects of indoor climate we could focus on.

After several on-site observations and interviews, we chose a “social bubble” theme, related to personal space during lunch time in public settings, specifically – university’s canteen.

We built a mockup of such setting, physcally illustrating such “social bubbles”. Then we presented the concept to random students and teachers and invited them to share their opinion on the social aspect of the indoor climate.

  • 4118361622_6e3594fc1d_o
  • 4118358420_b412c4b58e_b

After the discussion, we refined the concept and created a so-called “Social Lamp”, which reflects the atmosphere around the dining table.

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  • 4137450767_7514b451b8_b

Next, we presented the concept to various people and invited them to discuss the social aspect of the indoor-climate.