C.T.Co Promotion

One of the projects C.T.Co‘s HR department entrusted me was to produce three large-scale posters to represent the company at annual Career Days in largest Latvian universities. The posters had to be simple, yet expressing open and friendly culture of the company that bursting with bright, smart and energetic people working on world-class IT solutions.


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C.T.Co encourages its employees to be healthy and physically active, and the company is an active participant in various local sport evenets. One of such is annual Nordea Riga Marathon. I was honored to design the company’s t-shirts for this and other events.

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As an active member of local and international technology related events, C.T.Co eventually had to create  banners to represent its various culture aspects. I was also asked to create some of these.

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Internal projects

  • FBcampaign
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Another interesting task was to create a tiny welcoming animation to company’s townhall that had to support the repeat mode. The task was done using Adobe Photoshop’s capabilities.