PDF Cabinet

I was entrusted with the update of user interface components in the first PDF Cabinet application’s version. The updates included a design for

  • application icon,
  • promo content and guides,
  • iTunes promo images,
  • UI components related to cloud synchronisation.

I began by generating ideas for the app icon to nail down the most important characteristics of the application and provide as good first impression as possible. Having generated 70+ sketches, I picked up few most successful ideas for further elaboration and mocked them up in Illustrator. Eventually, after the thorough review with colleagues, I arrived to the final mockup that was carefully crafted and polished until the final icon was fine and dandy.


Afterwards, I jumped on creating the document design that was coming in a bundle with the application. The documents included starting from user guides on how to use the app’s features, to entertainment documents like Pen and Paper games.

As a result from several sketching, reviewing and polishing sessions, the final cover and internal page design was completed.

  • 85a8dc28d0156fc
  • 98a9bf6584c18a3

In the end, I created the iTunes graphics to quickly guide users through the app’s offerings. The graphics were made in a linear form to tell a story of what the Cabinet App can offer.

  • AppStore-Promo_01
  • AppStore-Promo_03
  • AppStore-Promo_05
  • AppStore-Promo_07