Heartbeat Lamp

I created a lamp that reacts to users’ heartbeats. It works by emitting infrared light beams through a finger and sensing fluctuations in light intensity. Less light intensity indicates larger amount of blood in the finger. The interactive prototype was presented at university’s exhibition.


I started off by sketching the ideas and describing the story behind each idea. Eventually, I came to measuring heartbeats which is about technology becoming personal to each user individually – close to heart so to speak.  I decided to use the egg symbol for this idea, because, from one hand the egg is related to life, it contains life. From other hand, an egg is a misterious object – you don’t see what’s inside. Therefore, created the hole (input) on top of the lamp and invited people to put their finger in and see what happens (Are they alive?).

Having sketched the concept, I started creating the lamp’s for out of foam. That included several practical challenges like, how to sculpt every facet of the egg even. Eventually I decided to make the lamp from two halves.



Afterwards, I drilled holes in the foam mockup (for light), hollowed the middle (for microscheme and LEDs), covered the foam mockup with a filler and painted it dark.

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Finally, with some help from teaching staff, I made the lamp interactive with Arduino prototyping kit.