Various web sites

Working at Mendo, I developed both front- and back-end for several websites based on CakePHP framework. One of them was a platform for a local, popular entertainment broadcast about fashion & style named Stils Bez Tabu. The platform was utilized for sharing the content (blog articles, images, videos) after each episode.


I also worked on the original front-end and back-end for the Domina Shopping  website, its online fashion blog / journal DMag and for several promo-sites. Domina is one of the largest shopping centers in Latvia. The journal was released monthly as a set of articles and beautifully crafted cover. It also provided nicely designed fashion tips for various life situations. This website also included videos of various activities that happened in the shopping center.


I also was honored to work on the first online pharmacy website in Latvia. I was mostly working with a front-end which consisted of many challenging and exciting tasks, as the most notable – creating fluid design and ensuring that the website works on IE6 and up.


Another website I was hired to create, was for NanoSYD Cleanroom from peaceful and beautiful Sønderborg to inform the industry about the services provided by the laboratory. I created everything, starting from design to front- and back-end.