Storytelling Experiment

Participatory design approach historically appeared in the era when remote stakeholder involvement in design processes was difficult. Today, when technical possibilities of online tools are becoming more sophisticated, a growing interest in distributed participatory design is emerging. I sensed a gap in tools that enable participation in design processes for stakeholders that are distributed across time and space, and wanted to explore the potential in this area more.

My research interest was to find factors that motivate people to give high-quality feedback on Internet. Wide range of people were asked to share stories about their experiences with any kind of games.


Total response was good and 60+ stories were submitted. I organized all stories and tried to find the factors that affect the depth and quality of of the stories.


I followed up some of the participants and interviewed them to find out more about the factors that motivate people to share highly detailed stories about their engagement with games. Finally, I described my findings in a research paper.