ITPD Oracle

The design brief was to create an electronic prototype, based on Arduino Prototyping Platform, that involves interaction from the ground up. In collaboration with Soila Oinonen, under Jared Donovan’s supervision we created installation intended to promote IT Product Design study programme in public spaces. Our aim was to provoke discussions about ITPD programme content and design in general through playful, social interactions between passersby.


We started the project by an experimental approach where we started first by exploring interesting interactions with feet under Sietske Klooster’s supervision, and allowing the idea for the final project emerge during the exploration. The whole process is summarized in the video below where the process is divided several phases, methaphorically based on historical periods depicting the linear progression starting from the beginning (stone age) till the final artifact.

After several iterations of generating low to high fidelity mockups, performing user testing sessions and evaluating ideas, we created the final prototype. Overall, this design process gave us a taste of complete user experience project, where we learned to generate, negotiate and evaluate ideas and bring the final idea to realisation.

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