Video Specifications

The project was a part of the Video Specifications course in University of Southern Denmark in collaboration with DanChurchAid organization.  It was part of a larger project where the team of engineers, designers and researchers had to develop a sustainable electric generator for people in Angola.

In engineering field, we are used to receiving specifications in a written form. This time, as designers we were challenged to inform engineers about the restrictions that Angolan environment brings to the table through unusual means of convential methods of communicating specifications – short video stories.

Under the supervision of Jacob Buur, we prepared short video clips from similar environment in Congo. Then we applied a video card game method to discuss these clips and create short, coherent stories about certain characteristics of the environment. Next we prepared and conducted an ideation workshop for two groups of engineers where we presented our video stories and asked them to envision and build generator mockups. Not only these video stories informed them about the challenges of Angolan climate, but also ignited their inspiration for generating ideas of what a sustainable electric generator could be like.

After the workshop, we had recorded both fruitful discussions and tangible models produced by engineers.

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