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The aim of this project was to create a tool for people that was used as a catalyst to provoke discussions about multidisciplinary collaborative teamwork.

The idea of the game was that 3 – 4 players were creating a common brick structure. In each turn, they were provided with a choice to make a decision in their own or in a group’s interests. When the game was over, they were challenged to discuss the dynamics of the group and the role of individual and group work in fostering innovations.

The project was started by conducting a two-day intensive workshop in Germany, where the group worked to produce and evaluate ideas and mock-ups. Through several iterations, which in itself involved many teamwork challenges, a final mock-up was produced from cardboard. Afterwards, the mock-up was printed on a 3D printer and refined through user-testing and re-evaluation sessions.

Finally, 250 copies of the game were designed where building blocks were produced in Latvia, bags in Germany and the instruction design and game assembling took place locally in Denmark. The copies were presented and sold in PINC 2011 conference gaining very positive feedback and sparking lively discussions during the gameplay.