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This project was aimed at creating a user interface design for an advanced category management web application to be used by advanced, highly specialised users in one of the European reinsurance companies. I created the look & feel of the application and participated in the overall requirement interpretation process.

I created the visual design based on the previously provided wireframes generated by my colleagues who were specialised in UX design field. This project was noteworthy due to its complicated nature which required to create a user interface on a high abstractness level for advanced users who have a highly specific work area. Because we were designing a tool for users who are experienced with IT technologies, we had to be critical to UI design guidelines commonly applied in designing B2C solutions.

As for a design process, we used Lean UX approach as part of C.T.Co agile culture, meaning we used low to high fidelity mockups to evaluate ideas both internally and externally and iterated the design as quickly as possible.