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Internet of Things paradigm opens up new possibilities to make smart buildings, cities and even countries. Our team was entrusted to turn this vision into the enterprise product.


Enhance the IoT data monitoring experience for the top management and operations management. Simplify the setup and installation process for the engineers.


We started in a cross-functional (sales, engineering, design, business) to synthesize our learning lessons and define the target audience and their needs. Then we did an ideation session on how might we appeal these needs. This was followed by a prioritization session where the minimum viable product was distilled and sketched.

In a week’s time, the first interactive mockup was created to gauge the first user reactions. We did usability testing sessions on a small, but diverse group of users. And the analyzed the insights within the team to inform the next design iteration.

After completing additional product validation sessions we turned the insights into the next iteration. We synthesized the insights in the team, did ideation session and re-prioritized the ideas.

After that, we continued with design, development and validation sprints to build the next iteration for the customers.

After the release, we reviewed the user journeys to identify the weak spots and pain points. We prioritized the touchpoints with the most significant negative impact on user experience, including the onboarding and activating devices. That led to to the next iteration, including the mobile app for device installation.


In the end, a simple and easy to use version was implemented that turned complex data into comprehensible information. The tool proved to support the planned business needs. The learning lessons were applied to other related products, including energy efficiency management system design and implementation.