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Migraine Detective is a digital headache diary that is created with a vision to help to find migraine triggers. We started with a simple mission in the heart – to challenge the way people report their lifestyle events. This is a joint project of Andris Svarcs, Guntars Simanskis and me.

While Migraine Detective is still an early stage product in validation, a long road has been walked to get the learning lessons about how people deal with migraines in collaboration with neurologists.


Migraine Detective was initiated by Andris with a clustering session to ideate on themes that might be of interest to migraineurs. Then the identified themes were included in paper prototypes and were validated on the users to gain initial feedback.

We processed the feedback and continued by distilling the first minimal viable product to see if we’ve found the way that allows users to add entries to the migraine diary with least friction. We experimented with various user interface solutions that would fit the goal until we were ready to launch it to get additional user feedback.

Then we did skunkworks usability testing sessions to identify user’s reactions to the prototype.


We found out that the prototype had major usability flaws, so we decided to ideate on the next iteration based on the feedback that we got.

We launched several social marketing campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords) for the new prototype to gather reactions from the market.

To complement the market reactions, we did skunkworks usability testing sessions to identify usability challenges.


After we gathered the feedback we improved the Migraine Detective in particular – implemented the Reports feature so that users would see the value in adding entries to the diary.

Next Step

We continue working on Migraine Detective. So if you have any feedback to share, you’re welcome!