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This project was a part of the Exploring Design course during my IT Product Design studies where we were challenged to experience a complete product design process. Our design brief was to create a board game that had to be based on a particular dilemma experienced in an enterprise environment.  Through several concept ideation phases we settled on an idea about balancing individuality with teamwork in a modern workplace and, in a fruitful collaboration with Lauren JavorCamila Lima (UID) and Jia Xu (SDU), we created a game that was based aforementioned dilemma.

Played by three, players were required to balance the balls on a game board and put in the right scoring holes. However, this was not an easy task, considering the fact that every one of three players was showing resistance in order to pursue their own winning strategy. An interesting part of this game is to observe how different winning strategies emerged in various groups – some groups were more cooperative than others where ones pursued the strategies where everybody wins, while in others the players focused more on their individual win.

We started the design process by generating as many ideas as we can ideas that would be related to our chosen dilemma.  Further on in the process, we picked the best ideas and went to Umeå, where in collaboration with Umeå Institute of Design students, we refined the ideas, created several board game prototypes, iterated through various design iterations and finally delivered four copies of the final product.