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RTU Design Factory

I facilitated a brainstorming & sketching workshop for international students working on innovations for climate action within the Climate KIC programme 🌿

Muddie Week

I was asked to give a talk in Muddie Week about Design Thinking to international students working on the Digital Service Development and Information Management in Health and Welfare field and provide a design challenge.

eCOM360 Warmup Meetup

The organizers of eCOM360 invited me to the warm-up event “ECommerce as we know it will die in 5 years?” to share my insights on the e-commerce field from the user experience perspective.

Service design workshop for state capital companies

Together with my colleague Madara Zelčāne, we created and facilitated a two-day service design workshop to state capital companies about making customer-centred services.

Interaction design workshop

Together with Alina Dolmate we prepared and facilitated a two-day workshop for Virtual Reality study program students in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

Discussion about future career opportunities

I’ve been invited to share our experience at Tet in regards to customer-centric product and service development.


Game Changers by University of Tartu

The organizers of Game Changers (by University of Tartu) invited me to facilitate a two-day workshop on Design Thinking to challenge the teams to explore their goals.

Leveraging Big Data and AI to create value

I was facilitating an ideation workshop at ETIS Community Gathering in Lisbon to help the teams to imagine novel ways to leveraging big data and AI in telco business.

Telco Opportunities in the Sphere Of Finance

In this two-day workshop, I was facilitating the process to identify potential opportunities in the sphere of Finance and develop blueprints for pursuing these opportunities.

Design Thinking @ Magnetic Latvia

I was invited to speak about our experience with Design Thinking problem-solving approach in the corporation.

User-centred Digital Product Design @ UX Riga 2018

I designed and facilitated a full-day workshop on prototyping digital products for UX Riga 2018 conference participants to inspire them to generate, prioritize, prototype and test ideas.


User Story Mapping at UX Riga 2017

I was invited to facilitate a 2-hour masterclass on user story mapping to around 100 participants.

Why and How Should We Work With Startups? @ Digital Freedom Festival

Together with Pēteris Marculāns we talked about the reasons and ways how corporations might benefit from working with startups.

Digital product prototyping workshop for International School of Riga students

In annual career days, students wanted to find out more about the digital design field and I was invited to facilitate a rapid prototyping workshop.


User Story Mapping for Digital Products

I facilitated a full-day workshop at Lattelecom about mapping and sketching user stories in digital product development.

Practical prototyping masterclass at UX Riga 2016

Facilitated Practical Prototyping workshop together with Gleb Revkov. We shared our experience with prototyping in the product design process, reviewed the most cost-effective tools available at the moment and built a prototype together with workshop participants.

Practical prototyping talk at Riga Dev Day 2016

Gave a talk with my colleague Gleb Revkov about practical prototyping where we shared our experience with building and validating rapid prototypes in the mobile product design process. View on Youtube.

Digital human-centered HR solutions

I was invited to share my views and experience on human-centered approach to designing digital HR solutions.


User Story Mapping Workshop UI/UX Riga Meetup

User Story Mapping workshop in August UI/UX Riga Meetup where we were mapping a lunch ordering process for one of the local catering services.

UX mentorship in Startup Weekend Riga

Participation as a mentor in May’s and November’ event. Shared my product design expertise in guiding the participants with the development of their ideas. Encouraged the participants to prototype their ideas and test on people as early as possible and suggested methods for more effective idea generation.