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Measuring TV advertising performance might be challenging. Established methods for calculating Return on Investment are often based on imprecise or incomplete data. And rarely data are available in real-time.


Our task was to productize the technology that allows precise and timely TV advertising performance calculations. It allowed tracking real-time TV viewing behaviour, so our goal was to make sense of the data that is accessible and usable for the end-users.


We started by defining the vision which included the business model, customer and user needs. Through the minimum viable product definition process, we agreed on the priorities. Then we visualized the most essential product features that we wrapped in an interactive mockup.

Through several validation sessions with the customers, we went through several mockup iterations. The design and content details were adjusted to the point we got the signals that the product combines the business goals, customer and user needs, and is technically feasible.

When the team was confident that the solution might be workable, the user interface design team helped to launch the final product version as well as the initial campaign to attract the potential customers and users.

We periodically got in touch with the customers and users to get their feedback on the product.


We launched a bold idea into the market to find out how it reacts. The initial release helped the team to find out what works and what’s still missing to make a product like this an industry-standard in the TV advertising analytics market. Now the work continues to implement and validate solutions that combine business and customer goals, user needs and feasibility.